Bobby’s Miracle

Another miracle in the park

the other night at the homeless outreach, the Kingdom of God advanced once again. I prayed for Bobby, a homeless man, whom I saw limping and using an old golf club for a cane. He limped right in front of me and took a seat right next to me. My heart went out to him. I introduced myself and asked him what the problem was. He told me that he had torn his hamstring and had been walking around in pain for several weeks. He also showed me his right foot which was turned out almost at a 90° angle from his left foot. He also said that one leg was about an inch shorter than the other. So his limping was due to several reasons.

It just so happened that Bobby sat right next to Bill Nicholson, the man who was healed of a 32 year knee injury and who got sight back in an eye that was blind since birth. I told you Bills story in a previous chapter. I told Bobby about Bill being healed a couple of years ago at this homeless outreach. Bill concurred and told Bobby a bit about his miraculous healings, (the testimony).

When I offered to pray for him he quickly agreed. I prayed for his hamstring and commanded healing and freedom from pain. I then took Bobby’s arm and helped him off his seat. As soon as he stood up an amazed look came over his face and he shouted “I don’t believe it!” He began to stomp his bad leg and jump up and down. It looked like he was trying to do a tap dance! I think he shouted again. This caused a bit of a commotion at the outreach because it happened during a time of worship.

I sat Bobby down and began to pray for his turned out foot and his short leg. I held both of his feet in my hands to see the difference in length. What I didn’t notice was that his turned out foot had already turned inward and as soon as I began to pray the first words of a prayer for the legs to come to the same length, they evened out right in front of our eyes! He again got up shouted, danced and leaped! I felt like I was back in the book of Acts!

The very important story behind the story. God wants to heal not only physical but emotional wounds. Jesus mission included healing the broken hearted and complete redemption.

Bobby shared that he was a follower of Jesus but he had really struggled with his walk with Jesus. As a matter of fact Bobby had a drinking problem and had been in and out of jail even though he was a believer. He felt that he had totally disappointed the Lord and God had no more use for him. I got the sense that he thought that God was punishing him. I said to him “if God was punishing you Bobby, why would he heal your legs?” A look of understanding and agreement came over his face.

That night God showed him His steadfast love, mercy, and compassion. Whereas Bobby thought that God was through with him and punishing him; God reaffirmed his love and commitment to Bobby by healing him. What was the will of our loving God in heaven for Bobby? Healing and restoration! I believe that this may well be a turning point in Bobby’s life. This power encounter with the here and now loving Savior will help get Bobby tracking again with Jesus.

In fact, about a week later, Larry Johnson, a long time friend who helps run a Christian drug rehab called me. He said I had something that belongs to someone he knew. When I asked what it was he told me it was the golf club that Bobby had used as a cane.

He was joking of course because Bobby gave me the golf club after he was healed at the homeless outreach. He then went back to the drug rehab to try to get reinstated. After hearing about his miraculous healing, Larry was working towards doing just that, saying that he saw a significant change in Bobby’s demeanor.

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