Cancer & Unforgiveness?

A link between cancer and unforgiveness? Read, pray, decide…..

Over the years I have probably prayed for a hundred people who were healed of various diseases/sickness/afflictions AFTER they forgave people they have been bitter toward or had an unresolved conflict with. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Dr Henry Wright about breast cancer.

Henry: Well, as you know we’ve been researching cancer and the pathways of cancer for a number of years and we’ve had a fair amount of success. The newest insight we’ve had in the past few months that’s been confirmed by doctors in Taiwan and Denver, Colorado. As they began to look into their case histories in the area of breast cancer we’ve been able to determine some things in about 80% of cancer cases.

Sid: Tell me what you’ve found out.

Henry: Well we found out that not only does this apply to breast cancer and there are exceptions….. this profile accounts for probably 80% of all breast cancer. This profile is also accurate concerning breast cyst and also to some degree ovarian cysts. If the tumor or cancer appears in the breast of the female it is indicative to us of unresolved bitterness and conflict and issues between that woman and another female usually a blood relative. That would begin with a mother, a sister biological sister, or a blood line aunt. or it is indicative of unresolved bitterness and conflict and resentment and issues between that female who gets the cancer, or cyst, and a woman in the workplace or a woman in the church. And this is astounding because when people come to us with these diagnosis’ we begin to inquire as to their relationship with other females and boy it certainly is there.

Sid: Now give me a testimony of someone that came to you with cancer and you went after the root and they got healed.

Henry: One cancer case was well documented recently in a book by Dr. Neil Anderson coauthor with Michael Jacobson in a book called “Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine” which has been out for two or three years. But in chapter 20 of this book on the chapter on the chapter entitled “Mind and Body Medicine” there is story of a pastor’s wife in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ll just read quickly this paragraph and that will save a lot of time by me paraphrasing because this is a direct quote from this book. “If you were to ask her, Candace would say that the most powerful physical healing agent available is not a drug. It is a sound healthy spiritual heart and mind. As a 50 year old pastor’s wife Candace was given a devastating diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. By the time it was discovered the disease had already spread throughout her entire body and she was given only a few months to live, she was stage 4 terminal. In response to her diagnosis she and her husband sought the counsel of a Georgia pastor, who you’re talking to now Sid. Whose ministry orientation is in identifying spiritual factors in the cause of disease. During our conversation Candace became aware of the possibility that bitterness towards another woman had weakened her immune system and made her more vulnerable to cancer. Shortly thereafter, she sought forgiveness and was reconciled in her relationship with a woman from whom she had been estranged. This has been over 7 years ago as of this writing her cancer has spontaneously regressed despite the fact that she has never changed her diet, has never had surgery, has not taken any medications, she still has no symptoms and feels great.” Now this is a story of a pastor’s wife in Cincinnati, Ohio who was stage 4. The cancer had metastasized to her entire body; when she dealt with one issue and lined up with God He heard her confession, He saw her make peace with this other woman and the Kingdom of God was available instantly. This is a powerful testimony because when she called me Sid I didn’t pray for her, I actually was wasting my time by praying for her. By the way she’s a pastor’s wife, she had received prayer so many times; what do you think my prayer would do anything more. No.

Sid: But your whole statement begs the question this is a pastor’s wife, she’s got deadly cancer, you would think she would know that she has to forgive everyone of everything. Why wouldn’t she know this? I mean when you’re up against it you don’t want anything in the way of your healing.

Henry: Well, that’s easy to say you know we know truth Sid. The Bible says “To be a doer of the Word not a hearer only.” I would say most people know how God thinks especially if they’re believers at all they know how God thinks; they know. We know that we’re supposed to forgive people of their issues against us. But it doesn’t mean that we do because we’re just people and we forget what the Bible says about what we should do. So because she’s a pastor’s wife doesn’t mean she’s any different than any other person who struggles with feeling and emotions and things that come when somebody doesn’t like you or they’ve injured you.

Sid: And you know if this was one case we would say praise God, but you’re seeing this as over and over again these patterns. Tell me again another quick testimony.

Henry: Well, again I’ll give you another cancer case where a woman who had cancer of the uterus and this is a case where I didn’t pray for her nobody prayed for her. She simply lined up with how God thinks. This is a lady in Florida who is a Real Estate Broker who was dying of Stage 3 uterine cancer terminal. She was a Real Estate Agent, and she was in a closing one day with a Real Estate Property she was sharing her battle for her life with the other Real Estate Broker and he said “I can’t help you but I do have a booklet here that will tell you to help yourself.” It was one of the teachings that we have here in Be In Health at Pleasant Valley Church we have new insights into cancer. And as she read the little booklet which is not more than a syllabus of the entire teaching she saw the connection between forgiveness and disease and cancer. That was on Wednesday, as she read the booklet that evening, she read it twice. The next morning on Thursday her ex-son-in-law because there had been a divorce and she was the mother-in-law in this case her son-in-law came to drop the grandson off as he usually did Thursday mornings, but in this case instead of avoiding him she ran to the front driveway, she embraced him, she told him she was sorry for hating him. And they made their peace crying together in the driveway, they made their peace together and forgave each other. That was on Thursday. Friday she was due in a hospital in Florida for chemo much to the surprise of her oncologist and her radiologist they found the tumor that had been in her uterus had disappeared. And what had happened in this particular case as she did the word of God, made peace with her son-in-law, the invisible great God that we serve plucked that cancer entirely out of her uterus and she is well today.