She’s Free from 10 yrs of Depression and encounters an Angel!

A woman gets free of 10 years of clinical Depression and encounters an angel at the same time. Here’s her email to me.

Hi, John:

Thank you for praying for me last Wednesday. It was an amazing evening.

I seriously thought about bolting more than a few times before the evening was over. I am very happy that I didn’t act on those thoughts.

I thought I’d give you a little background about me and my recent journey before I share what I experienced on Wednesday evening.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for about 10 years. I probably have suffered longer than that but I lost my ability to cope and to keep my emotions and feelings under control about 10 years ago and became overwhelmed.
I have prayed for help, I have prayed for forgiveness, I have prayed for guidance, I have prayed for deliverance, and I have prayed for protection and peace. I quit praying a while ago because I wasn’t hearing or seeing any answers from God. I came to the conclusion that God was going to do whatever He wanted and it didn’t seem to matter if I prayed or not, I felt like a pawn without a voice and for some reason I concluded that I was exempt from all that God had promised. However, even with those feelings, I still loved God and I knew that only through him and Christ would I ever have a chance of finding love and peace or seeing heaven one day. I wasn’t ever mad at Him I just felt hurt.

When you came to Bible Study the last week, I found your stories very interesting but left when everyone started pairing up and praying for each other because again, I knew I was exempt and during the time that I had been there I hadn’t seen anything miraculous happen.

Last Sunday, at the end of the service, when our pastor was inviting people up for prayer, I found the courage to go up front. Once again I immediately felt left out because I as was approaching the front of the church I saw that there wasn’t anyone available to pray for me so I stood off to the side waiting for the service to be over. A short time later, a kind man approached me from behind and asked if I would like to be prayed for. I summoned the courage to say yes and after he prayed for me I left feeling a little better. That feeling stayed with me over the next couple of days and then Wednesday arrived and here you were back again. Even though I wasn’t directly benefitting from the prayers of healing, I thought maybe just being in the room with others this time would hopefully benefit me in some way just as the prayer on Sunday had.

When I arrived on the second night you were there, I sat in the back in case I wanted to leave. My son was home with the flu and had begged me to come home and not go to Bible Study. I felt bad for my son but I also felt I really wanted to be at Bible Study. If something miraculous really happened, I wanted to be there. I was hoping that being present at something like this and seeing tangible evidence of God’s presence that I would find hope to hang on. LOL

When you asked people to come forward for prayer, one of my new friends (angels), Kris, took me by the hand and dragged up front. I was scared beyond belief, at the prospect of being exempt again, especially when someone as anointed as everyone claimed you to be, was there praying for people. I really thought I was going to be shown that not even you, who is anointed by God, could get God to pay attention to me. Boy, was I wrong. LOL

When the first person to pray for me asked what I wanted prayer for, I said I didn’t know. That statement didn’t seem to deter the man and he prayed for me anyway. People laid hands on me while he prayed which was very nice but afterwards I didn’t feel any different except a little embarrassed.

I’m not clear on how you became involved but shortly thereafter you joined our group and once again, I was being prayed for with people laying hands on me. This is when it got really weird.

You were standing in front of me and I remember people praying and laying their hands on me as you prayed and I could hear them praying too. You lead me to ask for forgiveness, no, you declared that until I forgave those who had hurt me and called them by name, that I wouldn’t get better. I believe that you said that holding on to my hurt and anger was only hurting me and that I needed to let that go in order to move forward. So, I asked for forgiveness and sincerely forgave those who had hurt me. At some point during all of the praying, I opened my eyes and it appeared you had grown really tall and big. You were no longer wearing your glasses, your cheeks were very rosy and you had a beautiful look about you and there was someone standing directly behind you. I had the sensation of something new or fresh like a breeze that was also comforting, warm and peaceful was surrounding us, like being in a yummy smelling garden. Then, I started getting this feeling like someone was pouring champagne down my spine and I could hardly stand still. By the time the praying stopped, I felt so happy, almost giddy, like I’d been set free and I felt very safe and loved. A totally new feeling for me, it felt authentic.

Since that evening, I have continued to feel an unburdened happiness without fear. I also continue to hear a lot of negative “self-talk” in my head that is trying to draw me back to my old way of thinking and feeling. This time … I’m untouchable and I don’t want to hear it anymore.

I have always believed and never doubted God … I just felt it was a “one-way” relationship … that for some reason beyond my understanding, I was exempt.

Thank you for letting God use you … …….. “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind, but now can see” …
I am healed !! … and I can’t get the grin off my face. =)

Amazing Grace, indeed! Blessings, Cynthia

My P.S. Another man, also emailed me reporting that he also saw the same thing as Cynthia, a large man with rosie cheeks and a glow around him!!! I am both surprised and not surprised…..why shouldn’t we see into the unseen world when God is doing doing a miraculous thing….more Lord!!

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