Getting To the Root of the Problem

 Often what we are currently experiencing is rooted in wrongful behaviors which are also rooted in past hurts and pains.

(1) Sickness and disease Fear, worry, anxiety, obsession, compulsions and phobias Addictions Anger rage and violence Depression

Can be rooted in our wrongful or sinful response to life’s hurts. These can take the form of:

(2) Judging others Hatred and anger, bitterness and unforgiveness Envy and jealousy

These can be rooted in lifes hurts of the past.

(3) Abandonment, Rejection, Neglect, Betrayal Trauma, Crisis, Loss, Accidents Emotional or Physical Abuse

Starting at the bottom (3) of this page, go to the Lord and ask him to show you any of these things that may have happened to you in the past. Make the choice and decision to forgive all people involved in these hurts of the past. This is about choosing to do the right thing regardless of how you feel. Jesus did not give us an option about forgiving others. If we want forgiveness we must forgive.

Next, go to the middle of the page (2) and confessed to the lord any of those things and ask for and receive forgiveness. Next, have someone pray with and for you for healing in any of the areas at the top of the page. (1) speak to those things to be gone from your mind and body in the name of Jesus!

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