Woman Gets Healed by Hearing a Testimony

The testimony is important to God….through it He is saying “you too can have this!”

Dear John
Thank you for all you do and for sending us your book. I have mentioned in the meeting that I can get out of bed in the morning without holding on the furniture, etc as my back is fine now. I have also mentioned that I no longer have arthritis in my hands and other joints.

The night the elderly man stood up and said his wife’s arthritis was healed and that before she had trouble getting out of a chair, etc., where upon she stood straight up without hesitation. When I saw that I, under my breath, said, boy, I could use that. Two days later I noticed I no longer had pain in my fingers and other joints. That has been probably over a month, but I continued taking Aleve twice a day.

The amazing thing is: I have been taking Aleve twice a day for over 10 years. I tried to cut down to one a day. I couldn’t stand the pain. September 22d I had my quarterly check up about a week after that and the doctor said are you still taking Aleve. I told him I had tried to stop but couldn’t and so my answer was absolutely YES I’m still taking Aleve and plan on continuing doing so! He doesn’t like me being on Aleve for such a long time.

Well, over a week ago, I decided to stop taking Aleve altogether! I still have no pain. Praise the Lord! When my manicurist does my nails every other week, she’s always trying to straighten out the joints in my fingers as she gives me a manicure and I’m constantly jumping from the pain. She has been amazed the last two time she did my nails since I had no pain I did not wince or jump when she manipulated my fingers.

The good part about this healing is that I have a Doctor and a manicurist that can testify as to the lack of pain I now have. This is a true Praise the Lord!!

I sincerely desire to pray, and do pray, for others that they too might experience God’s healing.

Thanks and Blessings

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