Healed of Cancer in Ovary 2015

From Pastor David Dailey of Harvest Christian Fellowship Lakeside:

MIRACLE TESTIMONY: Last Sunday night at our Encounter: Prayer & Healing service, John Pacilio & a number of other people gathered around Stacie Shockley to pray for her physical healing.

 The Doctor’s Diagnosis:

Stacie was scheduled to have surgery 3 days later (Wednesday) to remove a polyp on her uterus, to remove a large cyst that had developed in her ovary, and to inspect some other unknown blockages in her fallopian tube that were causing potential infertility issues. The doctors said that she would more than likely lose one of her tubes and possibly both, but they wouldn’t know for sure until after the surgery. In addition, multiple cysts appeared on her left ovary in the ultrasound she had taken just 2 days before, and the doctor said they may have to remove her ovary in surgery as well.

 The Prayer of Faith:

We know from God’s word that Jesus paid for our sickness and our sin on the cross. We know that wholeness and health is part of the promise we have been given as new creations in Christ. Jesus said that we will “lay hands on the sick and they will get well,” and that NOTHING is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). As we gathered around Stacie last Sunday night to pray, we blessed her womb in the name of Jesus and rebuked the attack of the enemy on her body. It was a beautiful and emotional time of ministry. We did not accept the doctor’s diagnosis for Stacie but rather declared God’s prescription of divine healing over her body in the name of Jesus Christ!

The Miracle:

This past Wednesday morning (April 29th), after receiving prayer and believing in God’s promises for her healing, Stacie went in to the operating room for her pre-scheduled surgery to remove the polyps & cysts that had developed on her reproductive organs. When the doctors opened her up to perform the procedure, THEY FOUND NOTHING!! Everything was gone and Stacie was 100% healthy!! In Stacie’s own words she said, “7 plus months of pain, and everything was there just one week ago, and now it’s all gone!” Stacie’s husband, Nic, reported that one of the doctors came out from the procedure and was amazed that there was nothing there anymore. The doctor said, “we opened her up to perform the procedure and we saw nothing but a healthy woman, so we just sealed her back up.”

 Praise God! What a powerful testimony of God’s power to heal. Thank you Jesus!


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