Healed of Lupus!

My Name is Jodel  and this is my journey! !
My husband and I have been coming to Journey since December 2008.
In January of 2011 I decided to attend the healing class that John Pacillo was hosting. Yes, I was coming to learn more about God’s healing and even seek healing if God so chose to heal me. Over eight years ago I was finally diagnosed with SLE, Discoid Lupus. It was a relief to find out what was ailing me but also devastating. I now had a name to go along with some of the strange illnesses and extreme fatigue that could not be explained. I came to John’s classes for at least 6 months and during one particular class someone called out that God was healing someone with Lupus. The classes would usually end with John asking us to quiet ourselves and listen for God to express what He was
healing that day. Of course, my ears perked up because this woman was just a few rows behind me and I no longer wanted this controlling my life. I did think, could this be ME! !
Every 3-4 months I saw a Rheumatologist and I would routinely have blood work done.
At the office visit in October 2011 the doctor started to discuss my lab work and started out with “I can’t explain this but everything is normal”. I asked him what my white blood cell count was and he said 5, which is normal. I started to smile because mine usually ran low 3.6, low – but not low enough to treat. It is something that has to be watched. It was a great visit and the doctor just couldn’t understand why all of a sudden everything was normal. A week went by and reality set in…. lab tests can have false positives. I decided to contact my insurance to see if they would pay to repeat the lab work to make sure it wasn’t wrong. My doctor had also decided to reduce down my medication and I needed to know that this lab work was correct. I contacted the lab and they still had
some of my blood so they understood my concern and ran a blood test that goes along with lupus patients. We had just come back from visiting family for Thanksgiving and when I got home I called the lab for the results. The lab tests confirmed that my original lab work was correct. The woman at the lab said she was going to contact my doctor to let him know that his protocol was working. I knew then that God had done this healing. !
The end of January 2012 my husband lost his job; we were completely at peace and had surrendered the outcome totally to God.
On February 23rd 2012 I had another doctor’s visit and once again everything was normal. At this visit the doctor took me off all of my lupus medicine. We continued to pray for healing and God’s work in our lives. On June 10th 2012, I was rebaptised. ( I had been baptized as an infant)! On June 28th, I had another doctor’s visit with my husband present and once again all of my blood work was normal. I had now been off of all of my medicine for 4 months. My husband said, normal for a normal person, not a lupus patient. The doctor laughed and said yes, he still can’t explain this but my husband said to him, we could because we have been praying and God has answered those
prayers. !

All praise and Glory to God for healing and in July 2012 my husband started a new job as HR Director at the Salvation Army. God is alive and healing is happening!!!! !!!

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