Healings at Journey C C

Hello my Friends!

Testimonies are SO IMPORTANT to raise the level of hope and faith for others! As Bill Johnson says: “The word testimony means ‘Do again” When people hear them they can say ” If God did that for that person He will do it for me” I’ve known folks who were actually healed instantly when they heard a testimony of someone who who was healed of the same condition they had.

So LET’S START SHARING! ! I’ll start by sharing my experiences from last weekend and last night:

A man who had back pain for a long time had a huge smile on his face when he suddenly realized his pain went from 4-5 to zero after praying 2-3 times, and him forgiving folks. He joyously shared it with Ed.

A teenage athlete had rotator cuff pain and could not raise his arm over his head. BIG smile of awe when his pain went fro 6-7 to zero.after praying for him 3 times. FULL range of motion restored! The his father said “Hey, I have neck and shoulder pain also pray for me.” I had his wife and newly healed son pray for him and he got major improvement also!

Last night a lady had neck, shoulder and back pain. As Marie, Chris and I prayed for her and as she forgave people, the Holy Spirit overwhelmed her and she couldn’t stand up so we got her a chair. She couldn’t believe what was happening as she felt warmth and movement in her body. She had the “Deer in the headlights look” The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong she stood up and jumped up and down with joy in awe of what God just did for her. All pain gone!

GOOD GIFTS FROM A GOOD, GOOD FATHER. My Father is NOT a child abuser, who gives his children sickness and pain to teach, correct or build character.


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