Hearing Impaired Guy gets Healed

Hearing Impaired Guy gets Healed

You probably know by now that I am not shy about giving testimonies of healings and miracles but this one has to be told.
I met Jim in front of the stage as we were wading into the mob of people wanting prayer on Friday night at Journey CC. He was lifting his arms over his head when I asked him if he needed prayer. He said he didn’t need prayer because he just got healed. Chronic joint pain in his neck shoulders and arms had just disappeared after Steven prayed for him. I asked if he needed anything else and he said no. So I continued praying for others.
Later, after the service was over I approached him with my friends Karl and James. Again he told the story of how he was completely relieved of joint pain. While he was talking I noticed one hearing aid and then another. He said he was almost totally deaf in one ear and very deaf in the other. So, I offered to pray for his ears which he politely declined indicating that he didn’t think it was very important for the Lord to be bothered with. I assured him that God did not run out of compassion or power and He was still concerned about his hearing.
He said okay and I asked him to remove the hearing aids. He did so and one of those Kazowie moments that Ed has spoken about happened.
After a very brief prayer he got this “deer in the headlights” look and a big smile came to his face! He said something like “WOW I can hear great, and actually hear better now out of the worse ear!”
On his way out he and Ed met and he showed Ed the two hearing aids, which were still out of his ears!
“exceeding abundantly beyond ALL that we can ask or think!”

This is the Jesus I want to present to the entire world…. how about you?

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