Madonna Healed by Jesus

Sorry, not “the” “Madonna” but a gal at the homeless outreach by the same name. My heart went out to her as I saw her hobbling using a walker. I asked her what the problem was and she said she had an accident and injured her lower back 6 months ago and was experiencing pain in her back and down her legs. The pain level was eight on a scale of 1 to 10. Poor gal….That’s a bunch of pain! I told her a bit about the love of Jesus for her and she said she knew Jesus.

I had an anticipation and a surge of excitement as she accepted my offer to pray for her. Often the surge of excitement happens when the healing is going to be immediate. It’s like a little sign from the Lord that something real good is going to happen quickly and easily.

I got permission from her to place my hand on her lower back and began to pray releasing the love and the healing power of Jesus to her. After about a minute or so I asked her what was happening if anything. She said she was feeling heat in her lower back. I asked her to move a bit and tell me if her pain level improved. With a perfectly blank expression on her face she said “yeah, it’s about a 4 now.” I got excited and encouraged her to celebrate the fact that 50% of her pain was gone.

Sometimes the person I am praying for has never had anything like an immediate reduction in pain happen and when it does they are in a kind of shock. I continued to pray and the pain level went to a one. I then asked her to walk without the walker…she quickly agreed and took quite a long walk and returned saying that the pain level was constant at only a one! She was smiling real good now. wow!

I encouraged her to consider that if Jesus could take her pain level from an eight to a one, he wanted to heal her completely, she smiled broadly and agreed. The shock was wearing off and the joy was coming!
So, what took place? The “as it is in heaven” will of God for Madonna took place. A simple coming together of God’s will for Madonna and my prayer of faith for her. I am still amazed that God would use an ordinary “Shmoe” like me! It just goes to show that he will use any believer who makes themselves available. After all Jesus did say “ANYONE who believes in me the works that I do shall he do…….”

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