Many healed at CitiFest!

I was privileged be asked to be a part of the healing prayer tent at Luis Palau’s Cityfest. An estimated 40,000 people came out to enjoy Mission Bay and the Luis Palau outreach.
My crew (Karl, Katherine, Fran) were pumped and ready so we went to work praying for people as soon as we arrived. According to all reports everyone who was prayed for received good things from God.

Just a couple of reports:
Edwin was injured in the early 90s in the Iraq war. He had back pain ever since. When we began praying for him his pain was at a level of seven or eight on a scale of 1 to 10. A big smile came over Edwin’s face as he reported that all his pain was gone. Can you imagine being in pain that long and the relief of having it taken away by God? His wife Grace had pain in her knees which God also touched and relieved her of. This was one happier couple when they left the healing tent.

A woman came to us asking for prayer because of a battle with jealousy and envy. It was something she tried for many years to overcome, yet they had been plaguing her. She said to us she felt that she would be freed from this if she came to this outreach. We prayed for her, coming against those spiritual strongholds. She started to perspire, cry and breathe heavily. And then she said “I’m free, I felt something lift off of me when you prayed!” She was overjoyed with this encounter with the Holy Spirit and Gods love.

My friend James joined with Cindy to pray for a man with a bad back. When asked what his pain level was he replied that it was maxed out at 10. James and Cindy were in awe when after only two minutes of prayer this man reported that all his pain was gone.
Now that’s a good day at the beach, ya think?

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