Another Bobby and Another Miraculous Touch of Love.

Well, who would believe that I would meet two guys named Bobby at the same homeless outreach within a month? And, by the way, both of them having leg and feet problems.

I met Bobby number two last Thursday night. I saw him sitting with his cane next to him. To be honest I wasn’t in a very up mood. I really had debated with myself whether or not I wanted to even go to the outreach that night.

But I had to remind myself God was there and wanted show his love to people.

I introduced myself and told him that I like to pray for people and that some of them get miraculously healed. He had a short leg, and chronic pain in his hip from walking on the short leg.I told him the story of Bobby number one and how he had been miraculously healed of a torn hamstring, a short and deformed leg. When I asked if I could pray for him he hesitated for a moment, then said yes. I placed my hand on his shoulder and instead of praying for healing I asked Jesus to saturate him in His love. I didn’t know at that time that there was a very deep story behind the story.

Tears started to streamed down his face as he began to get warm and breathe heavily. I had seen the presence of God come upon many people in this way before so I decided to just let him soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit for a few minutes. When I asked him how he was doing he said “wonderful, I haven’t felt that in many years.” I told him it was the love of Jesus for him.

I then prayed for chronic hip pain that was a result of one leg being 1 1/4 inches shorter than the other. I asked him to go for a walk and he came act smiling saying that the pain was almost gone.

He bent and moved and the smile remained on his face. He then told me how he had joined a Christian drug rehab in 1983. I was familiar with Calvary Ranch in Lakeside California and their program. He said he came to Christ and served at the ranch for 18 months experiencing the joy of knowing and serving the Lord. But, he said that when he left the ranch he started to go back to drugs and alcohol. And that’s how his life has been for 25 years.

He alluded to believing that God was aloof and God could not like him very much anymore. But he said that after this present experience he was touched in the deepest part of himself and wanted to come back to Jesus. He said that when I began to pray a very deep peace came on him and “something” lifted off him. He also said that as I continued to pray he felt movement in his hip and short leg.

I told him although he had been away from Jesus, Jesus would never move away from him and that his experience that night was proof.

I met him the next morning to help him a bit more. When I saw him he was walking towards me without his cane and he told me that he has practically forgotten about it and that all the pain was gone and he was walking normally! He expressed a desire to rejoin the same drug rehab and start all over again. Of course I’m going to help him do that.

More good news …about a good God ….who is in a good mood!!!

The lesson learned for me is that although I don’t feel very spiritual all the time God is wanting show his love to hurting people and will do it through me and through you if we will simply show up and make ourselves available. We just never know who God will give a dramatic encounter with His love.

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