My thoughts about Tony, his healing and this past Healing weekend:
After Tony was rushed to the hospital and the doctors discovering a brain aneurysm, saying that he had perhaps a 1% chance to live. (thats doctorspeak for “it’s hopeless, impossible, he ain’t going to make it”) I/we, had a choice to make. To fully believe and accept what the doctors were saying OR, View this from a Kingdom /Heaven perspective in which NOTHING is impossible.THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO….TONY IS NOW OUT OF THE COMA, EATING, WALKING AND IN PHYSICAL THERAPY! GLORY TO GOD!!!
We read where it says “do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind….” We read where Jesus said to Jairus, Who was just told his daughter is dead, “don’t be afraid, just believe.”
The circumstances of our life and well meaning people around us can sometimes try to dictate to us what will be. In Tony’s case, well-meaning doctors were trying to give us the facts and their facts were true. Their predictions would come to pass for Tony, EXCEPT FOR God, his promises, and FAITH and tenacity on the part of his believing friends and family. The reality was that Tony would die. But I and you can not be governed by and influenced by and molded into a belief system by the world around us. We chose to believe a higher reality that changes earthly circumstances and in this case Tony’s condition.
Over and over again we see The high spiritual value and effect of believing prayer. Not just prayer, pleading and begging God, but BELIEVING Prayer. Faith that moves mountains is what we’re talking about here. Jesus said it in Mark 11. ” if you had the faith of a mustard seed you could say to this mountain be taken up and thrown into the sea and it would obey you.” We mistakenly believe it takes great faith to do something like this when Jesus is basically saying, you already have mustard seed faith and that’s enough. In verse 24 Jesus said “therefore when you pray (when you believe and speak to your mountain) believe you have it and it shall be yours.”
More examples of what we are talking about…….When the Israelites led by Joshua and Caleb went into the promised land to see what was going on, 10 of them came back and said “We’re done, defeated before we start, they’re too much for us.” Meanwhile Joshua and Caleb came back saying “we can take em, because our God is with us,and for us.”
When the strongest of warriors in Israel, would not come out to fight Goliath, David, A young teenage shepherd boy, came out and said “this SOB is going down, because my God is with me and for me.”
You see, the circumstances in these two incidents were trying to dictate the results. But, Joshua, Caleb and David were not buying into what was being told them. They had discovered a higher reality of “nothing impossible with God.” They knew there God and therefore they change the circumstances to their faith, words and actions.
When people choose to believe in a higher reality where nothing is impossible with God and when they choose to take a stand against all the circumstances that are trying to persuade them that it is hopeless , That’s when they start to see results.
Over and over in the Gospels we see Jesus challenging people to believe, to have faith, and basically to confront what was going on around them with the truth of a heavenly, kingdom reality. Peter could have walked all night with the Lord on the water, but it says “when he saw the wind and the waves he began to sink.” Jesus had just said to him “come” and Peter walk as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus and the word that was spoken to him. The moment he looked away and started to belief that he would drown, he started to sink.
I pray for many people and I see this all the time. Their circumstances are overwhelming their faith and the truth and promises of God’s word. The storm around them is dictating doom, and the enemy’s voice is louder than the Lords who is saying “don’t be afraid just believe.” “Tell that mountain of circumstance to be gone in my name and believe.” I think one of the most honoring things we can do toward God is Believe and trust, not in the easiest times, but in the most difficult.
This past weekend, several important things took place which I believe resulted in many people being healed, freed of oppression and renewed in their faith to believe again. One was the videos of my testimony and the healing testimony of many people. It planted a seed of faith in their minds and hearts that “if God can do it for them he can do it for me” Jason’s message and the Scriptures he use were inspiring to people to believe again. I could feel faith growing in the room like an entity. And then Ed comes up and talks about Tony’s turn around and how the doctors predictions were defied by believing prayer. Tims worship selection of faith filled songs added to the mix and a recipe for the supernatural and miraculous was created.
So, what about Jason’s dad Jim or Ed. Why should we NOT believe for their miraculous turnaround also ? Why should we NOT? What will we allow to speak louder to us. The Storm of the doctors diagnosis and their negative, anti-faith report or the voice of heaven, The promises of God, the higher reality of the kingdom of God that says “No! These things also shall bow their knee to Christ in us, this mountain also must be removed, no weapon formed against them shall succeed, by the stripes of Jesus they are healed, I have discovered that faith in believing is more of a choice that we consciously make in our mind and heart and not a feeling.
So, what about the Goliath in your life, the storm that is raging around you, the words and reports of doctors and others who are not giving you much hope? What will YOU do? What will you say, how will you act?
C’mon! Let’s believe so that we can hear Jesus say “your faith has healed you.” Not “why did you doubt.” REMEMBER, the bible doesn’t say seeing is believing. NO for us it’s “I BELIEVE and I WILL see” Mark 11:24
Is it easy….NO….. but whats the alternative?