Not Feeling It?

Not “feelin’” it?

Last Thursday night I went to the homeless outreach not really feeling like I wanted to be there or wanting to pray for anybody. But I thought to myself what do I have to lose by simply going and laying my hands on a few people.
So I went to the homeless outreach not “feeling” it.
I prayed for a man in a wheelchair with a broken ankle. No immediate results. I then approached Rosie who was walking with a cane and I prayed for a painful foot. Left her and went on to pray for another guy in a wheelchair. while I was praying for him Rosie came over and told him “it works.” I asked her what works and she said that she was totally free of pain.
Then she told me her back also was free of pain. When I asked her about her back she told me that 30 years earlier her father used to beat her and she has had back pain ever since! Later when I saw her she had tears streaming down her face.
Before my friend Dave gave the message I shared with the entire group the story of Rosie and told them that God is a good God and He’s always in a good mood and He wants to heal.
I told them to ask Him to touch them and heal them. Then we all heard one woman shouting “oh my God, I can walk.” She said it’s so loud it got everyone’s attention. My first thought was maybe she was “faking a healing.” Then she said “I injured my foot a month ago and I was in pain since then and all the pain is gone and I can walk on my foot now!” She also was in tears when she said this. I confirmed this with her husband later on.
Three more people that night reported being healed of pain. another guy with foot pain, a lady with a migraine headache and a gal with an arthritic knee all reported freedom from pain.
Two of them no one even touched!
That night confirmed several things to me. I don’t have to feel anything for God to heal anybody. He wants people healed more than we do and he delights to show his love and his power to hurting folks!
AND he will do it through you if you make yourself available and take a few small risks.

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