4 back surgeries, pain goes from 9 to 0!

After today’s second service at Journey Community Church, I saw a man who had a neck brace on. I followed him to the prayer area where he started to talk with my friend Barry. Tim had pain in his back and neck of 9. he said the pain meds were not working anymore. He had 4 surgeries with all sorts of metal placed in his back and neck and he was talking with the docs about a 5th surgery.

He also had numbness in both arms and hands. Barry and I began to pray inviting the power and presence of the Lord. After a few minutes we asked Tim for feedback and he said he was feeling a little tingling the back of his neck and in his arms. We continued to pray and when we asked for feedback again he said the pain level was about a seven and a tingling in his neck and arms continued. I asked Wayne to join us and he began to pray with us.

We encouraged him to celebrate and praise the Lord for the tingling and the drop in his pain level. We were determined to continue. We prayed some more and had Tim take a short walk and move around a bit. He came back reporting that his pain level was four or five! we prayed some more asked him to walk and move and turn his neck and bend over. Tim took some time in this walk but when he came back I asked him how he was doing and he said the pain was gone and he could feel his arms! I honestly expected a lowering of the pain level but I didn’t expect a zero. So I asked him again if he was sure and he said yes all the pain was gone!!
Glory to Jesus who is the same yesterday today and forever!

Lesson learned: Continue to pray for a person 1,2,3,4 or more times! Go for zero all the time!

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