Possible Spiritual Roots to illness

First, we should never say that we are absolutely certain that this is the reason why  people are sick or not healed. We must never be in a place of accusing people of sin or lack of faith, ever!

These are  Possible  Spiritual roots, blocks and openings to Illnesses and are NOT absolutes. But as we study these we will have more tools to use as we go toward healing and engage people in prayer. When I pray for someone, and do not see results, improvement or healing, I will ask the Holy Spirit show me possible blocks, roots or openings that could have allowed this sickness to come in.

The Lord showed me this clearly about a year ago. There was a rat infestation at a rental property that we manage. The exterminator said “we can kill the rats that are in the house, but if you do not seal up the openings they are using to get in, you will continually have this problem.”  That’s when the light bulb in my heart and mind went on!! I believe it can be the same with sickness. for instance: Jesus heals a man and then sees him later and says to him “you are well, don’t sin anymore unless a worst thing happens to you.” the obvious opening or cause of the sickness was the man’s sin…..”get rid of the sin, sir and you won’t get that sickness again.”

These days, after years of seeing so many people get healed or improvement through forgiveness of others or themselves, I place unforgiveness at the top of my list of possible blocks, roots or openings to sickness. I now ask 8 out of 10 people I pray for to close their eyes, and ask God showed them who they need to forgive. I tell them that forgiving others is NOT an option for a follower of Jesus and that there is a possibility that they won’t be healed if they do not forgive.

Near the top of my list also are the following:
Unbelief that God wants them well.
Anger, bitterness or resentment toward others or self.
Unforgiveness, rejection, hatred, guilt and shame towards self.
Allowing stress, fear or anxiety to dominate.
Occult/witchcraft/superstition/astrology involvement.
Drug use or sexual sin.

IMPORTANT: these are things we can suggest that people we are praying for to consider, and then leave the decision to them if they need to deal with them. We should never say that we are absolutely certain that this is the reason why they are sick or not healed. We must never be in a place of accusing people of sin or lack of faith, ever! I know that even though I have said this some folks will still accuse me of judging people or accusing them of sin……………………NO I simple want them healed and free and this can be one aspect of the healing.

The following is a list of possible roots or openings. It is neither absolute or conclusive,
A.D.D. – self-rejection, self hatred & guilt
Addictions – the need to be loved, lack of self-esteem, insecurity
Allergies – fear, anxiety & stress
Alzheimer’s – self-hatred & guilt
Anorexia/Bulimia – self-hatred, guilt, lack of self-esteem
Arthritis- bitterness (against others causes swelling & inflammation)
Asthma – great fear concerning relationships / a spirit of fear
Autism – rejection, rebellion & anger
Breast Cysts/Tumors/Cancer – conflict & bitterness with a female friend or blood relative i.e. mother, sister, etc.)
Cancer – bitterness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – lack of self-esteem and/or guilt / performance disorder
Colon Cancer – bitterness, slander with the tongue
Coronary artery disease – Self-rejection, self-bitterness and self-hatred
Crohn’s disease – extreme self-rejection coupled with guilt / abandonment
Degenerative Disc Disease – addictive personality, drugs in past / may be inherited
Diabetes 1 – extreme rejection & self-hatred coupled with guilt / direct rejection by a father
Epilepsy – the presence of an evil spirit, spirit of epilepsy or seizures
Fibromyalgia – feel uncovered, unprotected, un-nurtured, insecure, driven, and fearful
Hypertension – fear & anxiety
Hypoglycemia – anxiety / fear coupled with self-hatred / self-rejection coupled with guilt
Hypothyroidism – fear, anxiety, stress
Irritable Bowel Syndrome –anxiety, fear & insecurities
Liver Cancer – lusting after another / pornography
Lupus – extreme self-hatred, self-conflict & guilt / performance may be implicated
Migraines – guilt resulting from conflict in your life in conjunction with fear
Multiple Sclerosis – deep, deep self-hatred & guilt involving a father’s rejection
Osteoarthritis – self-bitterness, not forgiving one’s self / element of guilt
Ovarian Cancer – hatred for herself and her sexuality
Ovarian Cysts – breakup of relationship with mother / bitterness
Panic Attacks – spirit of fear
Parkinson’s – unresolved rejection, massive amounts of abandonment, hope deferred
Phobias – spirit of fear
PMS – fear of pain & discomfort
Prostate Cancer – anger, guilt, self-hatred & self-bitterness
Psoriasis – self-hatred, lack of self-esteem, conflict with identity
Rheumatoid Arthritis – self-hatred & guilt / lack of self-esteem
Sciatica – the presence of an evil spirit
Scoliosis – the presence of an evil spirit
Sinus Infection – fear, anxiety, stress & tension
Skin Rash – fear, anxiety & stress
Sleep Disorders – fear, worry over tomorrow
Stroke – Self-rejection, Self-bitterness and self-hatred
Ulcerative Colitis – anxiety disorder driven by fear
Uterine Cancer – promiscuity, uncleanness / the need to be loved
Weight gain– fear of man, fear of failure, fear of abandonment, lack of self-esteem

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