Awesome morning at the Healing Place!

 I saw Carol on the line waiting for food at the Journey food bank. She’s sitting with a walker in front of her. I saw the pain in her face asked her about it and she said she had excruciating pain for a long time with a degenerative spine. I told her briefly about people who had been healed of all kinds of things at the Healing Place, which we were getting ready to open in a few minutes and invited her to come.

She came a little later….SLOWLY walking in with the walker, grimacing from the pain….. and we immediately got her over to a sofa and she laid down to relieve the pain. Told her how much Jesus LOVED her and wanted her well….We pray….. 20 minutes later she is smiling, pain free and leaves without the need of the walker!!  I love that we can be full service providers of Jesus goodness, love, mercy, food and healing!

ALL thanks and praise to Jesus our/her/your HEALER!!

Ps 103:3

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