The will of God for Rosie

I Met Rosie at the homeless outreach last Thursday, I was praying for a man with an injured leg when Rosie asked if I would pray for her. The man with the injured leg reported a lessening of pain so I went on to pray for Rosie. She had pain in her foot radiating up to her knee as a result of a cyst on her toe. She also said she had discomfort and diminished range of motion in her knees and she told me that her left eye had to be operated on and her vision in that eye was diminished.

Rosie was a follower of Jesus and believed that Jesus wanted her healed.for Rosie’s situation this was important and a catalyst for her healing. Unlike some believers Rosie didn’t think God gave her these afflictions.
I seemed to sense that this would be an easy healing, probably because of Rosie’s faith and expectation. A simple prayer of releasing healing to her foot, leg’s and knees in the name of Jesus resulted in Rosie standing up and walking without pain. I mean all pain gone!!

After that we both expected Rosie’s eye to be healed and after a short prayer she experienced a marked improvement.

Then she told me about having diabetes. I shared with her that we could simply and confidently conclude that if God wanted to heal her foot, knees and eyes he surely wants to heal her diabetes. We prayed accordingly and Rosie gave her testimony to the others gathered at the outreach.

Another example of the will of God for Rosie being done as it is in heaven.

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