Tumor has disappeared!

Please thank your praying teams. My friend Kelly called last night to say she’s just come from the doctor and the tumor has disappeared. She asked him if this kind of thing happens and he said, “no”. Kelluy says after we all prayed for her at Journey 3 weeks ago, she felt the cancer (which was aggressive and fast growing) had disappeared.

Up to this point, Kelly has had a lifetime of abandonment and disappointment. We were roommates at Westmont, a Christian college, but she gave up on Jesus a long time ago. (Our third roommate is B. H., at Journey.)  This miracle from God is even more gratefully applauded because we’ve been praying for Kelly for 30 years. When I asked her last night if she sensed God’s call on her life, she said yes. Thank you for joining me in praying that this encounter with God “sticks” and leads to lasting reconnection with Him.

I mentioned in the prayer request that Kelly has built a caring community in Hillcrest, among a bunch of really kind, wounded gay men. Thanks for praying with us over Kelly’s destiny and all that God wants to do in Hillcrest.

Thank you. So grateful!!!


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