What I Need Is Already Mine!

What I Need is Already Mine! Several times the word of God say we have “all things” that the “Kingdom is Ours” & we have “everything we need!” I am going to try not to beg God for what is already mine therefore I will thank Him for my already provided provision!

I am and was healed! I already have it!

It’s mine! Even though I may not see

it or feel it right now, it is mine and

will manifest because I have believed

I have received it and I shall have it!

I don’t have to fight for it I simply

believe for it! Mark 11:24

My Faith is the evidence of what I

hope for even if not seen now!

The same is true for favor, financial

blessing and abundant life, peace, joy,

total provision and protection!

Thank you God for all you have already

provided!  Download this PDF file