What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?

Before we can enter into a lifestyle of declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom and seeing healing and miracles we must understand what Jesus meant when he talked about … “the Kingdom of God”, “the Kingdom of Heaven .” and the “Gospel of the Kingdom”.

Jesus said “if I cast out demons by the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you” Matt 12:28. So, what was Jesus actually doing when he cast out demons? He was bringing the Dominion of the Kingdom of God to bear upon a persons life.

The person he was ministering to was under the Dominion of a different Kingdom…. under the kingdom or Dominion of satan. Jesus ministers to this person, and brings a Dominion, more powerful than satans Dominion, and the person is set free!

This Dominion that Jesus brings is the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom has a ruler (a king), subjects and authority over an area. In the example above Jesus exerts the Dominion of the Kingdom of God over the Dominion of the Kingdom of satan.

The result is that the stronger Kingdom takes authority and control over the weaker Kingdom and the person brought into God’s Kingdom!

Jesus said “the thief comes to steal skill and destroy, I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly .” It was Jesus Mission on earth to destroy the works of the devil.

He came to stop the devils stealing, killing and destroying. The Scriptures say that Jesus went about “…..doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil” This scripture indicates that Jesus considered sickness disease and affliction as the works of the kingdom or dominion of the devil.

All throughout the New Testament we see Jesus and his followers bringing the Dominion of the Kingdom of God into the lives of those who are oppressed by the devil…..the result…..healing, freedom and a more normal life.

If the Kingdom of God that Jesus was bringing and demonstrating is the  rulership and Dominion of Heaven, then wherever we read about the Kingdom of Heaven in the scriptures we could substitute the words rulership and Dominion of God or rulership and Dominion of Heaven.

So, what then does Jesus mean when he says to go and preach the gospel of the Kingdom?

He is saying to his followers go and preach that the rulership of God has come to earth, and demonstrate that the rulership and Dominion of Heaven has come to earth! Isn’t this what he demonstrated when he healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers and cast out demons? His followers were supposed to demonstrate the same things.

His early followers did! Jesus said, “as the father sent me, so I send you” He also gives power and authority to do so and Holy Spirit power to carry out the assignment.

If the scriptures say that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us, then we have the same equipment to carry out the same mission as Jesus.

So whats the problem? Why isn’t most of the modern church bringing and demonstrating the power of the Kingdom? I believe it is because we have not been taught, trained, encouraged and mentored in theses things as the early church was!

Our identity is not aligned with who Jesus says we are. We not only don’t know WHO we are but we also don’t know WHO and  WHAT we carry in us! If we truly believed that the “….same power that raised Jesus from the dead….” really does dwell in us, what would we be like? If we truly believed that as Jesus was sent into the world so are we sent, what wonderful things would we be doing?

This problem can change and is changing all over the world…..so, how about in San Diego….how about in you? Strange… yes…. Scary…yes, but very possible.

More about the Kingdom.

In Matthew 9:35 it says “Jesus went through all the towns andvillages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the good news of the Kingdom and healing every disease and sickness”.

Knowing what I now know about the Kingdom of God, I could say that Jesus went throughout all the towns and villages preaching the good news of the arrival of the rule and dominion of God, and his Kingdom on earth. Then Jesus demonstrates this rule and Dominion of God come to earth by healing every kind of sickness and disease!

Listen to what Jesus said when he was in the synagogue and observed a crippled woman there. “Should not this woman, a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for 18 long years, be set free on the Sabbath day from what has bound her ?” Luke 13:16. Jesus proceeds to heal this woman and set her free from the authority and dominion of the kingdom of satan. It is clear that a higher authority, power and Dominion was exercised.

In Luke 9:2 it says “….. he sent them (his followers) out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick .” I believe, when he sent them out he said…..” go out and tell this hurting, oppressed world that I have brought the rule and Dominion of Almighty God to earth and then demonstrate it by healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons!

In Matthew 13:38 . Jesus said “the field is the world and the good seed stands for the sons of the Kingdom, the weeds are the sons of the evil one.(satans kingdom)” Who are the sons of the Kingdom? Doesn’t that mean us? If we are sons of the Kingdom then we must carry and bring the will and power and authority of the king! We get the privilege of enforcing the will of God into the lives of the lost and hurting. We get the privilege of looking around us and see who is under the Dominion of satan and bringing to bear the Kingdom, power and Dominion of our King and his Kingdom!

Jesus said for us to pray “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven .” Matt 6:10. If we are to pray this then we should also expect this. He also said “….seek first His Kingdom .” Matt 6:33. He also said “the knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to you .” Matt 13:11. and “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and what ever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.” To me, it is obvious that the Kingdom power, authority and resources are ours, and we need to enter the task of making them ours and applying them!

One of the most amazing and challenging things that Jesus said was “this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will come .” Matt 24:14 To me this means that the good news of the rulership and Dominion of God and His Kingdom on the earth shall be preached and demonstrated to all nations before the end can come.

Jesus brought the Kingdom to earth, demonstrated it with signs, wonders and miracles, defeated satan by paying for the sins of the world on the cross and rising from the dead. And He gave the same power, authority and assignment to his followers. The question that remains is what will we do with this! That is why I am aligning myself with people of like mind who want to learn how to function as a Kingdom of God ambassador and administrator and embark on a course of getting myself and others equipped for our assignment.  Download this PDF file